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If you’re looking to book a tattoo appointment, deposits will come up. Because different shops have different rules, people are often confused as to how they work. Here is a quick rundown on what tattoo deposits are, why they’re used, and how they work.


What is a tattoo deposit?

When you make a tattoo appointment most shops will ask you to put down a set amount of money when you book it. This is called a deposit. At The Village Ink, we require a $100 deposit when people book with one of our tattoo artists. A deposit goes towards the final cost of a tattoo. At our tattoo shop, we have a minimum of $100, meaning no matter how small or simple your tattoo is it will be at least that amount.


Why we require a deposit

We require deposits when people book because it means we’re setting aside our artists time for you. When you book an appointment, an artist doesn’t make plans to tattoo someone else. So if a client doesn’t show up, the artist loses money. This is why we have deposits. It ensures that even if you don’t show up, our artist isn’t losing money.


How tattoo deposits work

So now that you know what a deposit is and why we require them, this is how they work. Deposits at The Village Ink are non-refundable, meaning if you don’t show up you don’t get the money back. However, if you have to cancel or reschedule you will credit that deposit amount to your client profile meaning you can use it at a later date.


How to make a deposit

The deposits can be made in a number of ways at our shop. We accept e-transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and cash. When you make a deposit we also set up a client account for you, which the money goes into. This means that if you have to cancel or reschedule, the money stays in there until you use it. Again, this money is non-refundable, meaning you can’t get it back.


When a deposit is needed

People get a little confused as to when a deposit is required and when it isn’t. Simply put, a deposit is required when an appointment is made ahead of time because the artist is reserving their time for you. Walk-in appoints do not require them since the artist isn’t specifically blocking off time for you. If you don’t want to put down a deposit, we recommend calling the shop ahead of time to see if we’re busy that day and can talk walk-ins.

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