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Everyone in Canada knows who Justin Trudeau is, we hope so at least considering he’s our Prime Minister. Regardless of how you feel about him politically, thanks to him we win as the country with the most attractive leader. Besides the perfectly coiffed hair and beaming smile, our PM also boasts a massive upper arm tattoo. Even though society is a lot more accepting of tattoos, having a politician openly show a tattoo is a bit of a shocker. Here’s what you need to know about Trudeau’s ink.


Tattoo Design

Trudeau actually has two tattoos that are blended together into one final design. He first got the globe portion when he was 23-years old. A few years ago when he turned 40-years old he completed it, adding a Haida raven.



The globe portion is pretty easy to understand. While we might not know exactly why 24-year old Just Trudeau wanted it, it turned out to be a smart design considered he’s a world leader and makes decisions that impact the globe.


The raven element has a little more meaning. Haida artist Robert Davison designed it and it represents the Haida people, who are native to the Haida Gwaii territory in British Colombia and parts of Alaska. It’s been suggested that Trudeau got the tattoo to honor his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who was declared an honorary member of the Haida tribe in 1976. Justin Trudeau has never officially commented on the official meaning of his ink so we’re left with speculation.



It should be said that there is some controversy surrounding PM Trudeau’s tattoos. And no, it’s not because he has a tattoo, it’s because of the tattoo he has. The indigenous people in Canada have long felt neglected and abused, and historically they have. The Haida people seem torn. Half view the tattoo as a sign of his being an ally to the indigenous people but others view it as a form of cultural appropriation.



What Justin Trudeau’s tattoo shows us is that one, yes, even politicians can have tattoos and two, maybe think about whether or not you should get a cultural tattoo. Think about how much fun we make of all those people with bad Chinese symbols on their body.


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