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Ask any of the celebrities below and they’ll tell you not to get a tattoo honoring a living significant other. From wedding dates, initials, full names, and jersey number, these celebs have gone through the painful process of erasing their couple tattoos. After a relationship ends there’s nothing worse than having a permanent reminder of it.

Here is a list of celebrities that have removed or covered up tattoos honoring ex-significant others.


Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp doesn’t just cover or remove tattoos- he changes them into something new. After his long-term relationship with Winona Ryder ended he changed the tattoo he had on his arm from “Winona Forever” to “Wino Forever”.



Depp didn’t appear to learn his lesson about tattooing girls names on him though. After his marriage fell apart with Amber Heard he changed his knuckle tattoos from “Slim”, his nickname for Heard, to “Scum”. Pretty harsh, but after their messy divorce it’s not that surprising.




Christina Aguilera

After her divorce from music executive Jordan Bratman in 2011, Christina Aguilera had her tattoo honoring him removed. She had his initials in Hebrew on her arm but they are now removed.



Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

It can be hard to keep track of Charlie Sheen’s love life- between his many failed marriages and his “goddesses”. But once upon a time, he was married to Denise Richards. The couple got each other’s names tattooed on each other. Richards had “Charlie” on her ankle and Sheen had “Denise” on his wrist.

After the couple broke up Denise covered up her “Charlie” tattoo with a fairy. In traditional Charlie Sheen fashion, he covered up “Denise” with his favorite saying- “Winning”!

Denise_Richards_TheVillageInk_TattooRemoval Charlie_Sheen_TheVillageInk_TattooRemoval


Marc Anthony

From the beginning, Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez had a spotlight romance. Everything was noted and gossiped about. When they decided to divorce after seven years together, Marc wasn’t left with just their gorgeous twins. He had Jennifer’s name tattooed on his wrist. Finally, in 2014 he covered it up with a new tattoo design.



Angelina Jolie

Before Angelina was tied to Brad Pitt, she was in another romance that got even more attention. Her relationship with Billy Bob Thorton was interesting, to say the least. From talks of knives in the bedroom to wearing vials of each other’s blood it’s not surprising that a young Angelina got his name tattooed on her upper arm. After they split up she had the “Billy Bob” tattoo removed. It has since been replaced with coordinates of her kids’ birthplaces. Relationships might not last forever (R.I.P Brangelina) but being a parent is forever.



Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria had not one, but three tattoos honoring her ex-husband, basketball player Tony Parker. After they split up (how could he cheat on someone as beautiful as Eva Longoria?!) she got them removed. She no longer has his jersey number “Nine” on the back of her neck, their wedding date “07-07-07” on her wrist, or his initials which were somewhere private.



Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum and Seal seemed to have a perfect relationship. She even celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary together by getting his name tattooed on her arm. When they divorced in 2012 though she began the process of erasing his name.



Amber Rose

We always say that there’s no better way to show your love for someone than getting a portrait tattoo of them. However, we usually recommend doing it for deceased loved ones. Amber Rose had a different opinion though, getting her now ex-husband Wiz Khalifa’s face tattooed on her arm. She had since removed it and covered up the spot with roses.



Iggy Azalea

You know what’s not so fancy? Getting a tattoo with your boyfriend’s name only to break up. Iggy Azalea had “Live”, “Love”, and “A$VP” on her fingers for her then boyfriend ASAP Rocky. After they broke up she was photographed with bandaged fingers suggesting the ink is now gone.



Nick Cannon

Most people that get the names of their significant other’s tattooed on them use small designs in discreet places. Not Nick Cannon. After him and Mariah Carey got married in 2008 he got her name “Mariah” inked on his upper back in a huge way. Well, they ultimately ended up getting divorced and Cannon has since covered up her name with a full back tattoo.



Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is fond of small, minimalist tattoos. Her and her on-and-off again boyfriend, Tyga, got tattoos for each other. While Tyga opted for “Kylie” in a large design on his forearm, Kylie went for a smaller design, getting a small lowercase “t” on her ankle. Good thing she went small too. The couple has since seemly broken up for good. Kylie recently changed altered the tattoo so that it now is “la” in lowercase.

We’re not sure Kylie has learned her lesson though. She just got a matching butterfly tattoo with her new boyfriend Travis Scott. Hopefully, this relationship lasts or she’ll be getting another cover up soon.

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