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The art of nose piercings is constantly advancing. It’s a practice that has a long history, extending to ancient times. It’s come a long way since then, but its captivating look has remained the same. Toronto tattoo shops usually have a piercer that specializes in them. There are 8 main nose piercings that Toronto tattoo shops offer, which we’ve explained below.


Nostril piercings are arguably the most traditional and common nose piercings that Toronto tattoo shops do. Situated just above the crease of your nose, a nostril piercing consists of a single hole that can be done on either side of your nose. Some people even get double or triple nostril piercings that are placed all around this region.

Due to the simplicity of this type of piercing it has the widest range of jewelry options available. Like any piercing, aftercare is incredibly important to making sure there is no infection or long lasting damage.

High Nostril

As the name implies, a high nostril piercing takes place just above the crease of the nose where a standard nostril piercing would be placed. Many people have both a nostril and a high nostril piercing for a stunning layering look.

This type of piercing isn’t as simple as a standard nostril one so finding a Toronto tattoo shop that has a skilled and experienced piercer is important. This area can be tricky to reach so expertise with this type of piercing is important.


Septum piercings are becoming increasingly trendy lately. The septum is the region of your nose between the two nostrils. Most people get a simple ring pierced here. The beauty of this piercing is that it can be flipped upwards hiding it when you want. Though your grandmother might think you look like a bull everyone else will think you just look badass.

Find a good Toronto tattoo shop that specializes in this piercing. This piercing is becoming increasingly common but it takes some knowledge and maneuvering to know where septal cartilage begins and ends. Be warned too that this place can be painful to get pierced due to the thick cartilage.


Bridge piercings are at the top of the nose. They are technically classified as a surface piercing, as they do not go through cartilage or bone. Because they are a surface piercing it takes a skilled piercer to have it done so find a reputable Toronto tattoo shop to do it.

A word of warning about bridge piercings, though, they are susceptible to migration like all surface piercings. This means the body will begin pushing the piercing closer to the surface of the skill essentially healing it away. This might mean you have to get your Toronto piercer to remove it at some point.

Vertical Tip

The vertical tip piercing is also commonly called the rhino. This unique piercing runs vertically from the tip of the nose to just under the nose. Like the nickname implies, it can give the appearance of a rhino horn.

This piercing is fairly rare and difficult to achieve so go to a Toronto tattoo shop to get it done. Find a piercer that has done it before with good results.


Septril piercings are a combination of a gauged septum and a half vertical tip. Essentially, the tip is pierced and linked internally to a gauged septum. The process takes years and is extremely delicate. Only a top Toronto tattoo shop and piercer will be able to achieve this.

This process is time-consuming, expensive, and painful so only start it if you are sure. Going to a tattoo shop that isn’t reputable, or a piercer that doesn’t have practice with this type of piercing can result in deformity or infection so be very careful.


Gauging of the nose can happen in a number of locations. The septum or nostrils can be gauged. Like an ear gauge, a nose gauge is a process that happens slowly as the hole becomes bigger.

This process and look is unique and required a skilled piercer working out of a Toronto tattoo shop. The look cannot be undone so make sure you’ll be happy with the results. Follow aftercare advice and make sure you gauge slowly so as to not cause the nostrils to tear.


A nasallang piercing can be intense although it doesn’t look that way. This piercing goes through both nostrils as well as the septum. In most cases, it is a single piercing worn with a straight barbell.

This is an extremely difficult piercing due to the fact that it goes through three points. Find a piercer and a Toronto tattoo shop that has done this before and has skill with it.

Types of Nose Piercings

Interested in any of these nose piercings? Contact us today to set up an appointment in our downtown Toronto tattoo shop with our amazing in-house piercer.


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