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The stigma surrounding tattoos, in general, has largely faded away. These days, around 1 in 5 Americans is inked and that number is only going up. While society has been accepting for tattoos for a while, the workplace has only recently started accepting them as well. Visible ink in industries like corporate offices and medical fields are just now allowing visible ink. However, while tattoos might make it past the office dress code, there are two types of tattoos that still remain incredibly taboo and will prevent you from getting hired.


Taboo Tattoos

Human resource experts say that while tattoos are widely accepted these days, there are still a few locations that remain taboo. Face and hand tattoos are still no-go’s for most jobs. Facial tattoos extend to the neck region as well. Experts say that these types of tattoos will likely disqualify candidates from higher up jobs and jobs involving meeting clients.


Face Tattoos

Facial tattoos have been gaining popularity because they’re so shocking. Musicians, especially “SoundCloud rappers” have been adopting them precisely because of this shock value. While facial tattoos have been around for a long time, they taboo around them has stuck around while it has faded around other areas.


The face, and neck, is an incredibly visible spot and cannot easily be covered up, unlike other locations. In the past, gangs heavily used face tattoos and that reputation has carried into today. Many tattoo shops still refuse to do facial tattoos these days because they view them as “life-ruiners”.


Hand Tattoos

Tattoos on hands are a little less controversial in fact, they’re starting to become more acceptable. While they’re certainly less taboo they’re still questionable, especially in the work place. More creative or progressive work place environments such as tech or art fields may be acceptable of them. However, industries such as law and medical are a little less accepting.


Final Thoughts

People should absolutely select their desired tattoo designs and locations based on what they want. However, we always encourage our clients to think about the future and how their ink will impact their life. Facial, neck, and hand tattoos cannot be easily covered and are some of the most painful to later remove. So if you’re eyeing a corporate job or are planning on meeting a lot of clients maybe rethink that face tat.


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