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Tattoo trends tend to be quirky fads that burn out soon. However, sometimes a tattoo trend has a timeless feel to it. Lately, tattoo artists have been getting more requests for continuous line tattoos, also known as one-line tattoos. It’s a minimalist but complicated style that is just beautiful. Here’s what you should know before getting one.



As the name implies, a single unbroken line creates this type of tattoo. It’s meant to look as if the design was drawn without the pen lifting. Most continuous line tattoos use a thin line to create an image. Due to only one line being used, this style falls in the minimalist category. This style is usually done using black ink; a color could also be used.



Continuous line tattoos can be a number of different designs. Designs range from super simple to very complicated. Because artists can only use one line, designs have to be creative. Some popular designs for one-line tattoos are facial profiles, animals, or nature-themed objects such as leaves or flowers.


Not every artist is skilled at continuous line tattoos. It’s best to find an artist that has experience in this. The design process is key for this style of tattoo. Both the artist and client will have to be creative to get the ideal design to come to life using just a single line. Always be sure to check out artists’ portfolio and Instagram to see if you like their style and work.



The great news about continuous line tattoos is that they can be placed anywhere. Arms and legs are popular locations, but since these tattoos come in many sizes and shapes they can fit almost anywhere. Tiny single line tattoos aren’t as common; a smaller size means the one line isn’t as visible, so places like fingers and behind the ear aren’t common.



Since continuous line tattoos depend on a single line it’s important that you follow aftercare instructions. Fading could result in the tattoo concept falling apart. Be sure to ask your tattoo artist about how to take care of it.

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