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Tattoos are permanent, but that doesn’t mean they stay looking fresh forever. Every tattoo will fade, but how much depends on a lot of factors. How much care you put into protecting it, where you live, and the tattoo design will all impact fading. But tattoo artists also want people to know that some parts of the body are more likely to fade than others.

No one is saying these places are bad for tattoos, in fact, these locations on the body make for some of the best ink, but just keep in mind that these areas might fade faster than others. It will definitely differ person to person but here are five places on the body that are most likely to fade:



This one should be pretty obvious. You use your hands for almost everything, every single day. That’s a lot of wear on the skin there. Hands are also exposed to the elements, including the sun, most of the time.

The skin on hands, especially the palm and fingers, also doesn’t take ink well. The ink doesn’t stick as well leading to more blurs and fading. The skin is thick, but there’s little fat or muscle. Trendy little finger tats are super cool and popular right now, but our tattoo artists always warn clients that they won’t stay looking that good for long. So before you go for a hand tattoo, just keep in mind it likely won’t age well.



Feet also take a lot of wear and are more susceptible to fading because people are almost always wearing socks and shoes, which rub against it. Going barefoot would help some, but then that exposed the feet to sunlight, which also causes fading.



Elbow tattoos can be painful, not to mention it’s uncomfortable bending your arm at awkward angles for long periods of time. Another downside of elbow tattoos, particularly outer elbow tats, is that they fade easily. The skin there is constantly being bent and rubbed against objects which leads to fading.



Arms typically get more sunlight than the rest of the body. During warmer months both men and women expose their arms, but this time in the sun adds up and UV rays definitely lead to fading. The inner arms aren’t much better either because they’re constantly rubbing up against something.



Face tattoos are a little taboo, but with a rise in cosmetic tattoos (which is already temporary) more people are getting inked there. Just know that your face gets a ton of sun exposure, which yes, causes fading. Try using a face moisturizer with SPF in it to help limit fading.


Places That Fade The Least

The good news is that not every spot on the body fades as much or as quickly. Of course, it all depends on what areas of the body get exposed to the elements and rubbed up against the most, but these areas generally fade less.

  • Inner Forearm
  • Upper Chest
  • Back of Neck
  • Lower Back



Fading is something that will happen to every tattoo, no matter how well you take care of it. How much it fades though depends on your body, your lifestyle, how much sunlight it gets, and where on the body it is located. You can decrease fading by keeping the tattoo moisturized, protected from the sun (by clothing and sunscreen), and avoid tight clothing that would rub against it.

At the end of the day though, don’t stress too much about fading. Tattoo artists can always go in and add more ink to freshen it up later on. Take care of yourself and enjoy your tattoo! If you want to learn more feel free to contact us or book an appointment.


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