Piercing Pain Locations

As a Toronto tattoo shop that does its fair share of piercings, one of the most common questions we get asked is “how much will it hurt”? This question is hard to answer as it depends on the location, the piercer, and the individual. We can say this, though- piercings hurt less than tattoos. Certain piercing locations are more painful than others, though. To help answer the burning question of which piercing locations are more painful we’ve ranked them all for you.

Least Painful

Lobe Piercings

Ear lobe piercings are actually the only piercing that can be done without parental permission under the age of 16. This piercing is so popular and common that there isn’t any controversy around it. Some people even get their baby’s ears pierced. It’s a popular piercing among both men and women today. The good news is that lobe piercings are the least painful. Most people compare it to a pinch that doesn’t last long either. They are also easy to take care of and keep clean.


Eyebrow piercings aren’t for everyone but they look super cool. Eyebrows can either be pierced with a ring or a bar depending on taste. They also aren’t too painful to get done either. The initial pain is compared to a strong pinch most often but it goes away after the piercing is in. In fact, it’s more of a pressure pain. The area can swell a little and people have to be careful when dressing.


Bellybutton piercings were all the rage in the early 2000’s. Their popularity has died down a bit but they are still incredibly popular. Most customers at our Toronto tattoo shop compare the pain to a bee sting. The area can be a little uncomfortable and sore for a few days after too. This area takes a little longer to heal but they look fantastic and for minimum pain.

Moderately Painful


There are tons of nose piercing options out there. Depending on what part of the nose you get pierced the pain can differ. Toronto piercers say the nostril is the least painful area on the nose to get pierced. Other areas, like the septum that have a more cartilage, are more painful. The pain for nose piercings can be considered moderate. Expect your eyes to water, though.


As with nose piercings, there is a ton of lip piercing options out there. They have become incredibly popular in recent years too. The good news is that most lip piercings aren’t too painful. There will be some uncomfortable swelling afterward though that makes it look like you took a hit in the mouth.


Lobe piercings aren’t the only type of ear piercing. Other locations on the ear have become so popular. All of these other areas are far more painful than a lobe piercing, though. Toronto tattoo shops say the exact pain depends on the location but the thicker the cartilage in the area the more pain you can expect. Rook, daith, conch and other ear piercings will be painful so be prepared. Always go to a professional Toronto piercer too to make sure you get the best experience possible.


Tongue piercings haven’t reached the mass popularity that ear, lip, and nose piercings have. There’s still something taboo and cringe about them to most people. People expect them to hurt a lot too. The only experience people have to compare to it is biting one’s tongue. Getting a tongue piercing isn’t as painful as that, though. The pain is localized with a needle meaning the pain is brief, however, swelling afterward can be painful and make eating and talking difficult.

Most Painful


Nipple piercings have started to become more popular with celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner sporting them. Thanks to these celebrities Toronto tattoo shops have been getting an increase in requests for them. Piercers want you to be warned, though- they hurt. This area is incredibly sensitive so a needle going through it is going to hurt. The pain is high but it won’t last long, which is a silver lining. Most people that get them report that they have no regrets and that they love them. Be warned that they will show through thin bras and clothing, though.


Dermal piercings are piercings that don’t go through and through. A small hole is cut into the skin and a base is placed there that a piercing that sticks out of the skin is then attached too. Toronto tattoo studios say it’s one of the most painful because it requires more time and effort. Dermal piercings can be done almost anywhere on the body and depending on where it is placed the pain can go up. Always get these tattoos done by a professional Toronto piercer. If done improperly you could end with scarring or an infection.


As you might expect, genital piercings are the most painful of them all. Whether they’re male or female genitals, it’s going to be painful. For a lot of people, the thought of having a needle down there makes them cringe. Toronto tattoo shops say that while the pain is intense it is over relatively quickly. There are more health concerns with these piercings though and aftercare is very important. Talk to your professional Toronto piercer about how to treat genital piercings.


Like tattoos, piercing pain is all depended on where you get it done. While piercings don’t hurt as badly as tattoos some of them can still be pretty painful. Always go to a professional for any piercings, even a simple lobe one. Piercings aren’t as permanent as tattoos but getting a bad one can have serious consequences. Contact us today to set up a piercing appointment or consultation at our downtown Toronto tattoo shop.

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