Least Painful Tattoo Locations


There’s no doubt that tattoos hurt. It shouldn’t be surprising- the whole process involves getting poked with a needle repeatedly. But for those that are a little nervous about the pain you’re in luck. While all tattoos hurt there certainly are some spots that hurt significantly less. Here are the least painful tattoo locations.


The thighs are one of the least painful spots to get a tattoo. The area typically has good cushioning due to fat and muscle. It’s also a large section of skin meaning it is perfect for bigger tattoos. This location is nice too because it can be easily covered by pants.


The butt isn’t a super popular location to get inked, mainly because it’s a personal place. However, it’s pretty painless to get a tattoo there. There aren’t a ton of nerves there plus the area is fatty. The recovery will probably be the most uncomfortable part. Make sure that you don’t have to sit for long periods as your tattoo heals.


The calf is a great location for a tattoo. It’s noticeable, but easy to hide, and it doesn’t hurt too much. There aren’t many nerves here so expect low pain. The shin portion might get more painful as you’ll be closer to the bone and if you go up to the back of the knee expect a lot of pain as this is one of the most painful locations. Stick to the fatty, muscular part of the calf and you should be good.

Upper Arm & Outer Shoulder

The upper arms and outer shoulders are some of the most popular locations to get a tattoo. It’s easy to see why. The area is large, easy to hide, easy to take care of, and not that painful. If you’re considering getting a whole sleeve this is usually where tattoo artists recommend you start.

Upper Back

The upper back is a great place to get a tattoo. It’s not that painful but you do have to be careful. The shoulder blades and spine are in this region and those specific parts can be due to the bone and nerves. Make sure you have someone to help you keep it clean and moisturized too to avoid infection.


The forearms are a highly visible place to get a tattoo but the area isn’t that painful. There’s usually good cushioning here to absorb the vibration. Be warned though that the inner arm is significantly more painful so if you’re wrapping a tattoo all the way around the arm you’ll get a mix of pain levels.


Behind the ear, tattoos are a huge trend right now. They’re small, sweet, and can be hidden or revealed based on hairstyle. While most facial and skull tattoos are painful, Toronto tattoo artists say that behind the ear tattoos are the exception. There are very few nerves back there which makes it one of the least painful locations. Most of the tattoos back here are small too so any pain is for a limited time.


Inner wrist tattoos are also a favorite these days. While they are more visible than other regions, they are typically delicate tattoos so not immediately noticeable. The area here isn’t boney, unlike the outer wrist, which can be very painful. Just make sure your employer is okay with visible tattoos because these are hard to cover up.


Back of the neck tattoos have become increasingly popular. The area can be hidden by clothing or hair, making it great for those that want the option of concealing it. Just make sure that you stay away from the top of the spine, as this will cause pain.


Hip tattoos aren’t as popular these days but they do look cute and are not very painful. The area usually has good cushioning by fat, which makes it easy to ink. You should know that hip tattoos currently don’t have a great rap though. People often link them to tramp stamps since they are close to the bikini line. If you have a hipbone that juts out you should also avoid that, as tattooing over bone is painful.

Contact us today to set up an appointment in our downtown Toronto tattoo shop. Always be sure to find a reputable tattoo shop with a skilled artist. Make sure you find a design you love before you get inked. Just because you get it in one of the least painful spots doesn’t mean you won’t regret it.


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