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Almost everyone that has a tattoo has at least one judgmental relative that sneers at it. They probably bring it up how tattoos hold you back career-wise every Thanksgiving. Well, now you can tell your parents, grandparents, or any random person on the street that tattoos actually don’t ruin a career. In fact, they may even get you a higher paycheck.


New study shows tattoos don’t impact one’s chances of getting a good job

The taboo around tattoos has long since faded, but that hasn’t stopped people from clinging to the stereotype that tattoos will hold you bad career wise. A study conducted by the University of Miami Business School and the University of Western Australia found that visible tattoos didn’t have an effect on an individuals earnings or employment.


The researchers surveyed 2,00 individuals from all 50 U.S. states. They found that wages and annual earnings of tattooed employees and non-tattooed employees were statistically indistinguishable.


Study shows that tattoos can even help

Us in the tattoo industry have long been telling clients that tattoos shouldn’t impact their employment opportunities. This new study backs that up, and surprisingly also found that in some cases people are more likely to gain employment than people without tattoos. Yes, that’s right. Having a tattoo could actually get you hired!


Tattoos are more prevalent than ever. Around 20% of American adults and 40% of millennials have tattoos. The popularity of tattoos has changed workplace attitudes around body art. More industries such as finance, medical, and law have become more accepting of visible tattoos.


There are still some tattoo limitations

While tattoos and piercings in the workplace are more commonplace, there are still some limitations. Face tattoos continue to be taboo and are one of the few tattoos that will probably cause an employee to lose out on a job. Tattoos featuring racy images, swear words, gang signs or racist imagery will also cause you to be unemployed.



To all of the moms and dads out there still warning their kids off of tattoos, its time to retire the job excuse. More studies are showing that employers don’t care about body art as long as it isn’t offensive. So stop by our downtown Toronto tattoo shop for some new ink that will definitely not hurt your job opportunities. If anything, it might just help!




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