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Ear piercings have come a long way since your grandmother’s day. Most people hear “ear piercing” and picture the standard lobe type. There is so much more to ear piercings than that, though. Most Toronto tattoo shops now offer over a dozen different piercing types in various locations on the ear.


Lobe piercings have become pretty standard. You don’t have to seek out a Toronto tattoo shop for this basic piercing. You could just go to the mall and find a dozen places to do it. Some parents even get lobe piercings on their baby, that’s how common they are. This piercing tends to hurt the least out of all of them and they heal relatively quickly with proper care.

Upper Lobe

The upper lobe piercing use to be seen as super cool but since has become as common as the standard lobe piercing. Like lobe piercings, these can be done outside of a Toronto tattoo shop though better results will happen if you go to one. They tend to hurt a little more than lobe ones but not much more.

Anti-Helix/ Snug

Snug piercings, also known as anti-helix, are located just inner to the periphery. The cartilage here is not as hard, making it easier and less painful to get pierced. Most Toronto tattoo shops state a healing time of 8-16 weeks though it can take longer without proper care.


The tragus is that little triangle of cartilage that extends over the inner ear canal from your head. It is extremely thick and can be painful to get pierced. This area makes it difficult to do daily activities like wearing headphones while it’s healing.


The anti-tragus is opposite the tragus as the name implies. For many people, this area is very small and therefore rare to get pierced. The rarity of this piercing means you should go to a Toronto tattoo shop to get it done. This area is said to be very painful, uncomfortable, and hard to pierce. It also has a high rate of infection so be diligent about cleaning.

Surface Tragus

A surface tragus piercing happens on the outer part of the tragus. The piercing doesn’t go through the whole cartilage, meaning it won’t reach the inner ear. This type of piercing is far more painful than any other type of tragus piercing.


The conch area is the large concave region on the outer ear. This area is easy to pierce due to its size and softer cartilage. This area is prone to infection so it needs to be done in a licensed Toronto tattoo shop by a professional. A bad piercing here can ruin the tissue and cartilage so find a good piercer.


The daith (pronounced “doth”) is the area situation just above the ear canal. The cartilage here is hard making the region difficult to pierce. It looks amazing but healing time can be long. Like any difficult piercing, get it done by a trained professional


The rook is the area just below the cartilage. Be warned, this is one of the most painful areas to get pierced. The area is thick, small, and not easily accessible so be sure to go to a professional to get it done.

Helix/ Cartilage

The helix piercing is often generally referred to as a cartilage piercing. It is the topmost, outer part of the ear. It is easily accessible making it simple to get pierced. The cartilage is hard here but not as painful to get pierced as other areas. After lobe piercings, this is the most common type of piercing Toronto tattoo shops have requested. This area is hard to heal though due to low blood supply so it might never technically heal all the way so proper care is important long term.

Helix piercing can also refer to the entire outer ring of the ear. Many people get rings all down it, having 25-30 holes to complete the look. You can get the piercings done one at a time or all at once.

Forward Helix

Like a helix piercing, a forward helix piercing gets places through the upper, outer cartilage. In this case, the piercing is done at the front, close to the head. 


As the name implies, flat piercings are located on the flat part of your ear, in between the upper cartilage and the rook. It can take over a full year to heal this type of piercing.


Industrial piercings are a rod between two holes on the top of the ear cartilage. Choosing a comfortable rod that fits in both holes is important. You should get this done at a Toronto tattoo shop due to the skill required to get the two holes in the right place.


Gauges are piercings that make a large hole in the ear lobe instead of a needle-sized hole. With gauges, you have to start out small and gradually get bigger to stretch the ear lobe out. Going too big too soon can mean your earlobe rips, which is painful and generally unpleasant.

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