8 Tattoo Types That Will Change With Age- The Village Ink Tattoo Shop

Getting a tattoo is a permanent thing, but just because the ink will be on your body forever doesn’t always mean it will stay looking good forever. Our bodies, and especially our skin, change as we age. This can have a big impact on how tattoos look through the years. Some types of tattoos are more vulnerable to aging than others, like these 8 below.


Fine Line Tattoos

Minimalist tattoos are all the rage these days. But this type of tattoos uses fine lines and is often tiny. Such micro detailing is way more likely to blur over time. Thin lettering is especially vulnerable, so that dainty script might look cute in your 20’s but as you age it will become less and less legible. Fine lines and tiny tats are especially vulnerable because bleeding and fading are far more obvious.


Foot and Ankle Tattoos

Ankle and feet tattoos are super popular, mainly because they’re easy to hide when needed. But just like with hands, tattoos in this spot are prone to fading. Feet tattoos tend to fade and blur due to constant friction from socks and shoes. Exposure to the sun is also a big cause.


Negative Space Tattoos

Negative space tattoos are similar to fine line tattoos, both in look but also in that they’re very likely to change as you grow older. These delicate, detailed designs probably won’t look as sharp in years to come. Lines tend to blur, filling the negative space, which can disrupt the design and details.


Hand and Finger Tattoos

We always warn people that come in for finger tattoos that they won’t last long. Regardless of the design or style, hand and finger tattoos always end up looking smudged. The skin on the hands in thin, which means it doesn’t hold ink well. Not to mention our hands are used for everything, which puts a lot of wear and tear on the tattoo.


Joint Tattoos

Tattoos on joints, like elbows and wrists, might look awesome but they don’t tend to age well. Our joints are constantly moving, which pulls and stretches the design. Broken lines in tattoos are common for this area. Wrist tattoos also tend to rub against objects a lot, which can cause fading.


Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos don’t usually stretch which is great, but they are one of the most exposed areas to the sun. Sun exposure can cause the ink to fade faster. If you want your shoulder tat to stay vibrant, be sure to cover it up and apply SPF before heading out into the sun.


Behind the Ear Tattoos

A little peek-a-boo behind the ear tattoo can be super cute, but this area doesn’t hold ink well, which can cause it to fade quickly. Neck tattoos are also vulnerable to aging. The neck changes and stretches as we age, which can result in tattoos there looking faded and warped.


Inner and Upper Arm Tattoos

Inner and upper arm tattoos are one of the most popular locations. Not only can ink here be hidden if needed, but it’s also one of the least painful spots. However, tattoos here may not age well. Inner arms often rub up against clothing and our body, which can lead to fading. This area is also susceptible to stretching, which can impact ink.


Final Thoughts

A fading or stretched tattoos is never fun, but tattoos are about memories and experiences far more than aesthetics. Just because a tattoo won’t look fresh after forty years doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. Don’t forget that tattoos can always be touched up! Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to book an appointment.

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