Tattoo FAQ

Getting a tattoo is a big life decision and a pretty permanent one. It’s natural to have questions about the process so to put your mind at ease we’ve answered the most common questions we get asked.


Q: Are tattoos safe?

A: Tattoos are perfectly safe when a professional tattoo artist in a reputable tattoo shop does them. We adhere to all health codes and government regulations when it comes to safety and sterilization. All of our equipment is properly cleaned and we would be happy to go through the process with you when you come in.

Q: Do tattoos hurt?

A: The unfortunate answer to this is, yes. Tattoos hurt regardless of where you get them, how big or small they are, or how many you’ve gotten before. Certain locations are more painful than others so if you have a low pain tolerance, try to avoid these most painful tattoo locations. We don’t recommend using numbing creams, taking pain pills, or drinking alcohol to try to avoid the pain. Not only do these not work, they can actually harm you during the process.


Q: How long will the process take?

A: It depends on a number of things. Size, location, color, and level of detail will all impact how long a tattoo takes. For larger, more detailed pieces you might even have to come in for multiple sessions. During your consultation with the tattoo artist, they will give you a rough estimate for how long it should take.


Q: Can I drink before getting my tattoo?

A: Absolutely not. We will refuse to tattoo anyone that appears to be intoxicated. Alcohol makes your blood thinner which will cause more bleeding during the process. People also tend to make bad decisions when drunk so in order to avoid you getting a tattoo you’ll wake up and regret the next morning we only tattoo sober people.


Q: How old do you have to be to get a tattoo?

A: The legal age for getting a tattoo in Toronto is 18 years old. We require everyone to show a valid, government ID before we begin. In some instances, we will tattoo under 18 with parental consent but it is up to our artists.


Q: Can I get a tattoo while pregnant?

A: Neither doctors nor professional tattoo artists recommend getting a tattoo while pregnant. Tattoos are safe but they put your body and immune system through stress. Any unnecessary stress during pregnancy, or nursing, should be avoided. Let your body focus on growing a human.


Q: How should I pick my design?

A: Everyone has different reasons for getting the tattoo they did. Some found them funny, some just liked how they looked, and some did it for a personal reason. As long as you love your design nothing else matters. If you’re looking for tattoo design inspiration we suggest looking at artists’ portfolios, Instagram, or Pinterest.


Q: Is there anything or anywhere you won’t tattoo?

A: We trust and respect our tattoo artists enough to let them make the calls on what and where they won’t tattoo. Offensive or crude tattoos, such as racist symbols or gang related tattoos, will be rejected. Some artists might not feel comfortable to tattoo certain areas. Feel free to come in and discuss your tattoo design with one of our artists to get their feedback.


Q: Can I get a tattoo while sick?

A: We don’t recommend getting a tattoo when your body isn’t a 100%. When you get a tattoo your immune system will be working to make sure infection doesn’t happen. If it’s already working to fight a sickness it can’t do its job helping your tattoo heal properly. We suggest waiting until you feel better before coming in. Our artists are understanding if you have to reschedule an appointment due to illness so don’t worry.


Q: How should I prepare for my tattoo?

A: The key to a successful tattoo session is preparation. Wear comfortable loose clothing that won’t rub against the new tattoo. Make sure you leave plenty of time and that you eat beforehand. Don’t drink any alcohol or take any medication that causes your blood to thin. If you are in for a long session we suggest bringing in something to keep you occupied like friends, your phone, or a book.


Q: Do you do tattoo cover-ups?

A: We absolutely do. Sometimes people regret a tattoo and instead of going through the painful removal process the best course of action is to get it covered up with something new. If you have a tattoo you want to get covered up come in and let us give you an assessment. We also do tattoo restoration if your tattoo has faded and tattoo fixing if your tattoo needs some adjustments.


Q: Do I have to book an appointment?

A: We do accept walk-ins but we recommend making an appointment. Tattoos, especially ones that are larger and have more detail, require consultation, designing, and time. It’s always best to call us ahead of time to set up an appointment. If you do walk in, make sure you have a design in mind and that it isn’t too big or complicated.


Q: What if I don’t like my tattoo?

A: We never like to send home an unhappy customer. If you don’t like your tattoo we will do our best to fix it. It’s best to be open and honest with your artist ahead of time to prevent any regret. We do free touch-ups for about a month after the tattoo is done, so if fading is an issue with you don’t worry.

Q: Can I bring in people with me while I get my tattoo?

A: You sure can. We actually recommend this – everyone needs moral support. We don’t allow kids or pets in our shop though. If any of your guests are disruptive or in the way, our artist may ask them to leave.


Q: Will the tattoo fade or stretch?

A: Tattoos will fade with time but the severity of fading depends on you. Taking care of your tattoo both during healing and long term will impact fading. Keeping out of the sun is the best way to make the ink last. If you rapidly gain or lose weight then your tattoo may stretch as your skin does. If this is a worry for you try avoiding locations that stretch more than others like the stomach and arms.

Q: How do I know if an artist is good?

A: We’re one of the top tattoo shops in Toronto and that is all thanks to the beautiful work that our artists do. We only want the best for you so we only hire the best. All of our artists are experienced and trained. Don’t believe us? See for yourself by checking out their awesome portfolios and reviews.