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How Tattoo Deposits Work- The Village Ink | Toronto Tattoo Shop
  If you’re looking to book a tattoo appointment, deposits will come up. Because different shops have different rules, people are often confused as to how they work. Here is a quick rundown on what tattoo deposits are, why they’re used, and how they work.   What is a tattoo deposit? When you make a...
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Tattoo Trends: Continuous Line Tattoos- The Village Ink
  Tattoo trends tend to be quirky fads that burn out soon. However, sometimes a tattoo trend has a timeless feel to it. Lately, tattoo artists have been getting more requests for continuous line tattoos, also known as one-line tattoos. It’s a minimalist but complicated style that is just beautiful. Here’s what you should know...
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15 Sea Tattoos That Will Have You Sailing Away- The Village Ink- Toronto Tattoo Shop
The ocean is both mystifying and terrifying. For centuries, the sea has held a significant place in our culture. It’s a symbol of life, full of turbulent storms and beautiful wonders. It’s no wonder then that we do a lot of sea-themed tattoos. From mermaids to waves, here are some of our favorite ocean-themed tats we’ve done...
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Q&A: Is Tattoo Ink Vegan?- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo Shop
  Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever before. Body art is a great way to express your personality, commemorate something special, or show off creativity. Tattoos aren’t the only thing gaining popularity. Veganism has taken off, with more people choosing to cut animal byproducts out of their life. Surprisingly, a lot of items contain...
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