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A Guide to Downsizing Piercing Jewelry- The Village Ink Tattoo Shop
  A lot of people that get new piercings don’t realize that it’s not always a one and done deal. Certain piercings swell more than others, meaning your professional piercer has to initially use a larger piece of jewelry. Once the piercing heals and the swelling goes down though, you may find that the jewelry...
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Q&A: Why Is There A Bump On My Piercing- Toronto Tattoo and Piercing
  Almost everyone knows someone who has had a mysterious bump form on their cartilage piercing. Naturally, people have a lot of questions about them. These cartilage-piercing bumps are more common than people realize. In fact, we’d almost go as far to say that’s a risk you’re taking when getting your cartilage pierced. Here’s what...
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Signs of Infected Piercings- Toronto Tattoo Shop
  Getting a new piercing can be exciting, but we often see the client return in a few days panicked that their piercing is infected. Figuring out if a new piercing is infected or not can be tricky. The symptoms of infection and the natural healing process appear very similar. Redness, irritation, and swelling are...
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Kids First Ear Piercings Information
  Getting your ears pierced is a right of passage for many children. It’s so much more than a fashion statement. It’s about embracing a new level of individuality and responsibility. While some parents choose to get their daughter’s ears pierced when they’re a baby, many wait until the kid asks for them. So what...
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