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How Tattoo Deposits Work- The Village Ink | Toronto Tattoo Shop
  If you’re looking to book a tattoo appointment, deposits will come up. Because different shops have different rules, people are often confused as to how they work. Here is a quick rundown on what tattoo deposits are, why they’re used, and how they work.   What is a tattoo deposit? When you make a...
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Tattoo Trends: Spine Tattoos- The Village Ink
  Warm weather is here, which means Canadians are shedding their winter coats to soak up the precious sunlight while it lasts. That means showing off more skin, and possibly some awesome new ink. Lately, Toronto tattoo shops have been getting more requests for spine tattoos. It’s easy to see why they’re a trend. There’s...
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You Can Now Put DNA Into Tattoos- Yes, For Real| The Village Ink
  Every day it becomes more apparent we really are living in the future. Although we don’t yet have the hoverboards Back To The Future promised us (and no, those “hoverboards” out there currently do not count), we do have some cool new technology. Take, for example, the new technology developed by Everence that allows...
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Got A New Tattoo or Piercing? You Can Now Donate Blood Sooner- The Village Ink
  When people come in for a new tattoo or piercing, a surprising number of them ask about blood donation. It makes us happy when people ask this question. Blood donations are always needed.   For those concerned about how their new tattoo or piercing may impact their eligibility for giving blood, there is good...
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