Tattoo Questions
Q&A: Is Tattoo Ink Vegan?- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo Shop
  Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever before. Body art is a great way to express your personality, commemorate something special, or show off creativity. Tattoos aren’t the only thing gaining popularity. Veganism has taken off, with more people choosing to cut animal byproducts out of their life. Surprisingly, a lot of items contain...
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Q&A: Am I Too Old To Get My First Tattoo?- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo Shop
  We get people of all ages, genders, races, and religions that come into our tattoo shop for ink. While it’s not uncommon to see older people getting inked, lately we’ve been getting older people coming in for their first tattoo. A lot of them wonder if they’re too old to start getting inked and...
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Q&A: Should I Shave Before Getting a Tattoo?-The Village Ink
  If you’re getting ready for a new tattoo, especially if it’s your first one, you may be wondering what the proper etiquette is regarding shaving. Should you shave beforehand or not? What happens if you stop by for a walk-in and haven’t shaved? Well, don’t panic! We’re going to explain what you should know...
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Q&A: Getting Tattoo While Sick- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoos
  Is there anything worse than getting sick? Most people hole up at home with some soup and a box of tissues until it passes if they can. But life keeps going, and unfortunately, sometimes we can’t take a sick day. While most people know that getting a tattoo when seriously ill is a bad idea...
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