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8 Interesting Facts About the History of Tattoos- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo and Piercing Shop
Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of self-expression and adornments that exists. While your grandmother might think of tattoos as a fad, in truth they’re a part of history. Here at our Toronto tattoo shop, we’re honored to keep this ancient practice going. So wow your family and friends with these interesting facts about...
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Q&A: Is Tattoo Ink Vegan?- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo Shop
  Tattoos are becoming more popular than ever before. Body art is a great way to express your personality, commemorate something special, or show off creativity. Tattoos aren’t the only thing gaining popularity. Veganism has taken off, with more people choosing to cut animal byproducts out of their life. Surprisingly, a lot of items contain...
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