Tattoo Fading
8 Tattoo Types That Will Change With Age- The Village Ink Tattoo Shop
Getting a tattoo is a permanent thing, but just because the ink will be on your body forever doesn’t always mean it will stay looking good forever. Our bodies, and especially our skin, change as we age. This can have a big impact on how tattoos look through the years. Some types of tattoos are...
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How to Enjoy the Summer Weather and Protect Your Tattoo-The Village Ink
Canada has some brutal winters, which means everyone is excited to enjoy the warmth the summer months bring. We all know that the sun can be harsh to skin. From skin cancer to premature aging, the sun is something everyone has to think about during the summer, but people with tattoos need to take extra...
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Places On The Body Where Tattoos Fade The Most- Toronto Tattoo Shop- The Village Ink
  Tattoos are permanent, but that doesn’t mean they stay looking fresh forever. Every tattoo will fade, but how much depends on a lot of factors. How much care you put into protecting it, where you live, and the tattoo design will all impact fading. But tattoo artists also want people to know that some...
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