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5 Common Myths About Laser Tattoo Removal- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo Shop
As tattoo artists, it’s never fun to hear about people regretting their tattoos. Whether it’s misspelled, a poor design, or just badly done, tattoo regret can happen to anyone. Luckily, tattoo removal has come a long way. However, there are still a ton of myths and misconceptions out there about the process. Here are some...
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How Tattoo Deposits Work- The Village Ink | Toronto Tattoo Shop
  If you’re looking to book a tattoo appointment, deposits will come up. Because different shops have different rules, people are often confused as to how they work. Here is a quick rundown on what tattoo deposits are, why they’re used, and how they work.   What is a tattoo deposit? When you make a...
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15 Sea Tattoos That Will Have You Sailing Away- The Village Ink- Toronto Tattoo Shop
The ocean is both mystifying and terrifying. For centuries, the sea has held a significant place in our culture. It’s a symbol of life, full of turbulent storms and beautiful wonders. It’s no wonder then that we do a lot of sea-themed tattoos. From mermaids to waves, here are some of our favorite ocean-themed tats we’ve done...
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Hey Parents, Tattoos Actually Don’t Ruin Your Career- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo Shops
  Almost everyone that has a tattoo has at least one judgmental relative that sneers at it. They probably bring it up how tattoos hold you back career-wise every Thanksgiving. Well, now you can tell your parents, grandparents, or any random person on the street that tattoos actually don’t ruin a career. In fact, they...
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