A Guide to Downsizing Piercing Jewelry- The Village Ink Tattoo Shop
  A lot of people that get new piercings don’t realize that it’s not always a one and done deal. Certain piercings swell more than others, meaning your professional piercer has to initially use a larger piece of jewelry. Once the piercing heals and the swelling goes down though, you may find that the jewelry...
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Hey Doctors, Patients Don’t Care If You Have Tattoos- The Village Ink
  The days of tattoos being taboo are fading quickly. More and more professions are caring less about whether or not their employees sport body ink. And now a new study shows that this includes doctors.   The medical community has long had a rule, sometimes spoken sometimes unspoken, that doctors and nurses shouldn’t have...
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Here’s How Long You Should Wait Before Changing Your Piercing- The Village Ink
  Even before we’re finished with a piercing, clients almost always ask us, “So when can I change out the piercing?” It’s a simple question, but it doesn’t have a simple answer. Healing times vary a lot depending on what type of piercing it is, where it’s located on the body, and how quickly an...
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Got A New Tattoo or Piercing? You Can Now Donate Blood Sooner- The Village Ink
  When people come in for a new tattoo or piercing, a surprising number of them ask about blood donation. It makes us happy when people ask this question. Blood donations are always needed.   For those concerned about how their new tattoo or piercing may impact their eligibility for giving blood, there is good...
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