Facial Tattoos
These Two Types of Tattoos Are Still Taboo in the Workplace- The Village Ink
The stigma surrounding tattoos, in general, has largely faded away. These days, around 1 in 5 Americans is inked and that number is only going up. While society has been accepting for tattoos for a while, the workplace has only recently started accepting them as well. Visible ink in industries like corporate offices and medical...
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An Official Ranking of Rapper’s Face Tattoos- The Village Ink
It’s hard not to notice the newest trend popping up among young up and coming rappers- face tattoos. Despite tattoos becoming more socially acceptable, face tattoos are still incredibly taboo. That hasn’t stopped artists from getting them tough. Face tattoos aren’t anything new in the hip-hop world, but while the older rappers at least had...
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Man Denied Entry Into Bar Over Face Tattoos, And It's Totally Legal-The Village INk
  In 2018, tattoos, piercings, and body modifications barely get a second glance. They don’t hold the same taboo that they once did due to their ever-increasing popularity. But even as society has become more accepting, facial tattoos are still viewed negatively. A Winnipeg man found this out the hard way recently after he was...
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Nose Tattoos
  They say trends aren’t for everyone, and when it comes to this latest tattoo trend we would have to agree. While facial tattoos are nothing new, people have now taken to getting intricate nose tattoos. That’s right, you heard us, nose tattoos. From demons to tribal ink, this location is the newest hotspot for...
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