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The world is starting to embrace piercings more and more, but some areas are still shrouded in mystery and grounded in taboo. Professional piercers say that vaginal piercings are just as easy as nipple or belly button piercings, but for some reason, people are terrified of them. Some women just shuttered at the thought of a needle getting close to anything down there.


No matter how you feel about them, chances are you’re at least curious. Vaginal piercings (the anatomically correct term is “vulva” but “vagina” is what’s more commonly used in the industry) aren’t necessarily a trend, but more people have them than you probably realize. Sit back, put your legs up (just kidding), and dive into all of the questions that you’re too scared to ask about vagina piercings.


What types of piercings are there?

There are lots of different female genital piercings out there. The most common ones that professional piercers do are vertical and horizontal clitoris piercings and inner and outer labia piercings. But those aren’t the only options out there. There’s also fourchette piercings (piercing the thin fold of skin at the back of the vulva) and the Christina piercing (the skin on your pubic bone). While women interested have all these options, it ultimately comes down to anatomy to determine which piercings work best.


How do I find the right piercer?

Unlike ear and other facial piercings, it’s a lot harder for professional piercers to show off their more intimate piercings they’ve done. You can’t exactly post a vagina on Instagram. Most tattoo shops reserve images of their more private piercings for books that people can view in person. Read reviews, ask some friends, and once you think you’ve found a good piercer, ask to view any pat vaginal piercings that they’ve done.


Will it bleed?

It might, but most piercers say they don’t see a ton of blood. They have a pretty good technique down now to minimize the amount of damage and blood caused during the piercing. Now, if you rip it out that’s a whole other story.


How old do I have to be?

Most piercers in Toronto have no problem giving a nose ring to a 14-year-old. It’s a whole different matter when it comes to these intimate areas. Piercers will not give nipple or genital piercings to anyone under the age of 18, even with parental consent. So if you want one, you need to be at least 18 years old.


Do I need to shave before?

Nope, piercers can work with whatever style you have going on. How much hair is down there really doesn’t affect the piercing process.


How much does it hurt?

People image the pain to be unimaginable, but in truth, it’s not that bad. Yes, they do hurt, but the pain isn’t off the charts. Most people find the pressure put on the skin before the needle gets put in to be the most painful part.


Will it increase sensitivity?

Like nipple piercings, people think that vaginal piercings will increase sensitivity to the area. Piercings down there may add some zest to your sex life, but no they don’t increase sensitivity. Depending on where the piercing is though, it can increase stimulation to the area.


What aftercare is there?

Aftercare advice for vagina piercings is a little different than other piercings. The vagina was built with a pretty good self-cleaning system so less is definitely more when it comes to cleaning. Gently rinse the area with water and scent free soap, but mostly let it do its own thing.


How long until I can have sex again?

Everyone heals differently but it’s important that you wait until it is healed. Just like with nipple piercings, having a partner touch the piercing before it’s fully healed can lead to infection or damage. In reality, though, people don’t usually wait months until it’s fully healed. The important thing is to be careful!


What about if I get pregnant?

Pregnancy usually doesn’t impact piercings, which is great for women that are considering having children in the future. Many doctors will require patients to remove any genital piercings before giving birth, simple so that nothing gets caught or torn during delivery. Some women find it more comfortable to just remove the piercing while pregnant. If it starts to become uncomfortable remove it, but most women don’t notice pregnancy impacting it at all.


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