Oral Piercings Explained


There isn’t an area of the body that can’t be pierced. While lip, ear, and nose piercings are incredibly popular and trendy today, so are tongue and oral piercings. The tongue is the area that most people think of when you say oral piercings, but other areas and the mouth can be pierced too. Below are the most common oral piercings people are getting today.

Tongue Piercings


Tongue Piercing

The standard tongue piercing, also known as the midline tongue piercing, is a vertical piercing through the tongue from the top to the bottom. A barbell piercing is used but different style balls can be swapped once it’s healed.

Horizontal Tongue Piercing

A horizontal tongue piercing, also known as “snake eyes”, involves piercing horizontally through the tongue with a curved barbell. Toronto piercers warn that this can be a tricky piercing so get it done by a professional. These piercings aren’t done everywhere because professional piercers know they can cause severe nerve damage to the tongue.

Venom Bites

Venom bites look almost identical to snake eyes. The difference is that this style requires two separate piercings placed side by side. In order to get a symmetrical look go to a reputable tattoo shop to get this done.

Angel Bites

Angel bites, or double tongue piercings, are the vertical version of venom bites. Two or more tongue piercings are placed on in front of the other along the middle of the tongue.

Tongue Frenulum Piercing

The faint of heart be warned- this piercing involves piercing the web of skin beneath the tongue that connects it to the lower gum plate. This piercing is also called a “tongue web” piercing. This type of piercing is popular since it is fairly hidden.

Tongue Tip Piercing

As the name implies, this piercing is done on the tip of the tongue. It is a type of horizontal piercing that is done on the tip instead of in the middle. Toronto piercers say this type is considered a surface piercing.

Side Tongue Piercing

This is a pretty self-explanatory piercing. Instead of a standard piercing being placed in the middle of the tongue, it is placed on either the left or right side. It is essentially an off-centered midline piercing.


Other Oral Piercings


Uvula Piercing

Did you know that the uvula could be pierced? The uvula is that dangling tissue between your tonsils in the back of your throat. This is a really rare piercing since touching it activates the gag reflex. You’d have to find a skilled Toronto piercer to get this done.

Upper Frenulum Piercing

Also known as “vampire”, this is when one or more piercings are placed on the upper frenulum. The upper frenulum is the tissue that connects your upper lips to the gums.


Smiley piercings are one of the most popular oral piercings types right now. Tattoo shops get a lot of requests for this location. A smiley piercing is when the central tissue beneath the lip bow is pierced.


A frown piercing is the opposite of a smiley piercing. This is when the central tissue connected the bottom lip to the gum is pierced instead of the top.

Dental Piercing

Most people know that almost any skin and cartilage can be pierced. But did you know that piercers can also pierce your teeth? This type of piercing is called dental piercing. It’s exactly as it sounds- piercing the actual tooth. A dental drill is used to create a hole and then jewelry is placed.

Gum Piercings

This type of piercing hasn’t taken off yet, but it might soon. Many Toronto piercers won’t do this yet, mainly because it’s so new and the effects aren’t known yet. Maybe wait on this one until others have tested it out a bit more as piercing your actual gums sounds like it would hurt.


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