At The Village Ink, we offer a wide range of piercing options and the experience and skills to make sure you get the best possible results. We only use the best equipment and offer a variety of piercing options to fit every person. We take the time explain the process, get to know you, and go over all the aftercare instructions.

We are dedicated to providing a safe, clean and positive piercing experience. Many clients come in for traditional piercings, as there are many different variations of piercings you can get in the ear alone (tragus, daith, helix, conch, lobe—anywhere). However, we do every type of piercing, anywhere on the body, including traditional, surface and dermal anchors. Nothing is off limits and we are open to hearing your ideas and vision. 

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Located in the historic and trending Yorkville neighborhood, The Village Ink is one of the top Toronto tattoo shops. Our tattoo artists value the ideals of individuality, creative excellence & technical innovation. We’re constantly innovating to give you the latest styles and techniques at the highest levels of perfection.

101 Yorkville Ave.
Toronto, ON