Piercings FAQ

As piercing popularity continues to grow, so do a number of questions about them. As a Toronto tattoo shop that offers high-quality piercings, we get asked dozens of questions about piercings every day. We asked our professional Toronto piercer to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Q: How old do I have to be to get a piercing?

A: Here at The Village Ink we require parental permission for people under the age of 16 for piercings. Lobe piercings are the only type of piercings that don’t require parental permission if under the age of 16. Certain piercings, such as genitalia and nipple piercings, will only be performed on people ages 18 and up regardless of parental permission. We require proper identification for all piercings so make sure you have a valid government ID when you come in.

Q: Do I need to make an appointment?

A: Our downtown Toronto tattoo shop is located in the bustling Yorkville area. We encourage people to contact us and make appointments ahead of time. This is to make sure you don’t have to wait long periods or get turned away. However, most piercings only take a short time so we usually have availability for walk-ins. The best case is to call in the day of and double check that there is walk-in availability.

Q: Do piercings hurt?

A: The pain level for piercings depend on where you are getting pierced. Certain locations, like the ear lobe, are very mild in pain. Other places, like the genitalia, are extremely high in pain. In most cases the pain, no matter the level, is brief. Some locations might swell more or be more uncomfortable as they heal than others. Our piercer will go over all of this before and after the piercing is done and answer any question you have about the pain.

Q: Should I spin my jewelry as it heals?

A: Most of us have been told to spin piercings as it heals to prevent the piercing from getting stuck to the skin. Most jewelry used in a top Toronto tattoo shop won’t adhere to the skin though. Spinning in this instance would only cause more damage to the healing process rather than aid it. This just leads to irritation, tearing, and infection. We recommend leaving it alone, and only touching it when it is wet unless otherwise told.

Q: Is everything sterilized and safe?

A: Here at the Village Ink we take safety and sanitization very seriously. We comply with every health code and law required by the government. This is done to ensure that you, our clients, stay healthy and safe. All of our equipment is sterilized. We will happily go through and show you our sterilization steps when you come to visit of if you like.

Q: How long before I can change jewelry?

A: It depends on where you got pierced and what type of jewelry you have in. Individual healing times will also factor into how soon you can change a piercing out. Our piercer will go through this with you at the time of piercing.

Q: What do I do if my piercing gets infected?

A: If you follow proper aftercare advice chances are your piercing won’t get infected. However, if it does the first step is to contact and visit your piercer. They will be able to advise you what steps to take next. Don’t take out to jewelry if you think it is infected though as this can actually be more harmful.

Q: Can I get a piercing if I’m pregnant?

A: Most professional piercers and doctors will probably recommend not getting a piercing or tattoo while pregnant or nursing. Getting a piercing isn’t dangerous but it puts your body through stress and puts a strain on your immune system. Your body needs to focus on staying healthy for the baby so try to limit the amount of unnecessary stress you place on your body.

Q: What will happen to my navel piercing when I get pregnant?

A: As you probably know, when you’re pregnant your stomach grows as the baby does. If you have a navel piercing it may begin to feel uncomfortable around 6 months of pregnancy. Luckily, today many places sell larger, plastic navel piercings to put in when you’re pregnant that won’t cause issues.

Q: Do you pierce with studs of hoops?

A: The type of piercings is all based on the location, your body, and our piercer’s preference. We will work with you to figure out the best option. Sometimes we suggest starting out with a simple stud as these heal faster and get less irritated. However, a bar or ring piercing can be put in originally if you and the piercer agree.

Q: Can I bring friends with me?

A: Moral support from friends is always helpful, especially when going through pain- even if it’s brief. We usually limit the number of people in the room to two or three just because of space. We don’t let kids or pets in though. Our piercer has the right to ask anyone to leave if they feel they are being too disruptive.

Q: What kinds of piercings do you do?

A: Here at The Village Ink, we do every piercing you could imagine. We offer both surface and dermal piercings. No location is off limits either. We pierce everything from the visible to the intimate.

Q: How much do piercings cost?

A: Pricing is never a simple question to answer. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the price. The location is a big factor. Certain locations will cost more than others. The type of piercing, such as dermal or surface, will also impact the cost. The jewelry you select will also matter. Some costs more than others. Contact us to determine the exact price for the piercing you want.

Q: Is your piercer trained and qualified?

A: Absolutely. We would never let someone that wasn’t a professional with skills and experience work in our shop. Our piercer is trained and has worked in the field for multiple years. We only want the best for our clients so we only let the best work here.

Contact us today to talk about or set up a piercing appointment in our downtown Toronto tattoo shop.