Helix Tattoos Tattoo Trends
  The helix area of the ear has become a surprisingly trendy spot. It first became a hit with helix piercings a few years ago. People loved the edgy yet delicate look of rings or a bar piercing here. But now this location is seeing an increased popularity again with helix tattoos. Toronto tattoo shops...
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questions people with tattoos get asked
If you have a tattoo, chances are you’ve been asked these questions at least once. 1. “Did it hurt?” Does it sound like getting repeatedly poked for hours and having ink injected under your skin would hurt? All tattoos hurt, but there are different levels of pain. Some locations are more painful than others but...
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Tattoos and The Workplace
  One of the biggest concerns people have when they come to our downtown Toronto tattoo shop (other than the pain) is how a tattoo will affect their job. On one hand, we’re firm believers that in 2017 if a workplace doesn’t like your tattoos then maybe find a new job. However, that’s not always...
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