15 Tattoos That Will Give You Major Nostalgia- The Village Ink
Everyone gets tattoos for different reasons. It could be to honor a loved one, commemorate a memory, or just show off something you love. Tattoos that reference characters from one’s childhood seems to tick all three of those boxes. Who wouldn’t want to remember the bliss of childhood when they look at their tattoo? Nostalgic...
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Happy National Tattoo Day!- The Village Ink
  July 17th is National Tattoo Day, which makes it our favorite holiday! This holiday has only been observed since 2016, but tattoos have played an important role throughout history.   Humans have been marking their bodies for centuries. There are even Egyptian mummies that sport ink! Tattoos have a lot of cultural significance, from...
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Will Prince William Get Inked In Israel?-The Village Ink
  The royal family has been talked about a lot in the news lately, but this time the focus isn’t on Prince Harry. Prince William is currently undergoing a historical trip to Israel. While royal family members have visited the country in the past, they’ve never undergone an official trip until now. This trip is...
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19 Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Like A Kid Again-The Village Ink
Nothing defines childhood like cartoons. The magic they held and the imagination they inspired lives on in us even to this day. No one did this better than Disney. From the classics to the new releases, Disney has a way of making us feel like a kid no matter our age. It’s not surprising then...
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