8 Interesting Facts About the History of Tattoos- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo and Piercing Shop
Tattooing is one of the oldest forms of self-expression and adornments that exists. While your grandmother might think of tattoos as a fad, in truth they’re a part of history. Here at our Toronto tattoo shop, we’re honored to keep this ancient practice going. So wow your family and friends with these interesting facts about...
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An Official Ranking of Rapper’s Face Tattoos- The Village Ink
It’s hard not to notice the newest trend popping up among young up and coming rappers- face tattoos. Despite tattoos becoming more socially acceptable, face tattoos are still incredibly taboo. That hasn’t stopped artists from getting them tough. Face tattoos aren’t anything new in the hip-hop world, but while the older rappers at least had...
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8 Celebrity Siblings with Matching Tattoos- The Village Ink Tattoo Shop
They say blood is thicker than water, but what about ink? There really is nothing like a sibling bond. No one else understands what you go through in life like a sibling. They live almost a parallel life to your own. At The Village Ink, we get quite a few siblings that come in for...
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How Tattoo Deposits Work- The Village Ink | Toronto Tattoo Shop
  If you’re looking to book a tattoo appointment, deposits will come up. Because different shops have different rules, people are often confused as to how they work. Here is a quick rundown on what tattoo deposits are, why they’re used, and how they work.   What is a tattoo deposit? When you make a...
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