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These Two Types of Tattoos Are Still Taboo in the Workplace- The Village Ink
The stigma surrounding tattoos, in general, has largely faded away. These days, around 1 in 5 Americans is inked and that number is only going up. While society has been accepting for tattoos for a while, the workplace has only recently started accepting them as well. Visible ink in industries like corporate offices and medical...
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Tattoo Trends: Continuous Line Tattoos- The Village Ink
  Tattoo trends tend to be quirky fads that burn out soon. However, sometimes a tattoo trend has a timeless feel to it. Lately, tattoo artists have been getting more requests for continuous line tattoos, also known as one-line tattoos. It’s a minimalist but complicated style that is just beautiful. Here’s what you should know...
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Hey Parents, Tattoos Actually Don’t Ruin Your Career- The Village Ink Toronto Tattoo Shops
  Almost everyone that has a tattoo has at least one judgmental relative that sneers at it. They probably bring it up how tattoos hold you back career-wise every Thanksgiving. Well, now you can tell your parents, grandparents, or any random person on the street that tattoos actually don’t ruin a career. In fact, they...
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How to Enjoy the Summer Weather and Protect Your Tattoo-The Village Ink
Canada has some brutal winters, which means everyone is excited to enjoy the warmth the summer months bring. We all know that the sun can be harsh to skin. From skin cancer to premature aging, the sun is something everyone has to think about during the summer, but people with tattoos need to take extra...
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