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pointillism tattoos toronto
Pointillism, or “Dotwork”, is one of the most intricate tattoo styles. It involves making an image out of thousands upon thousands of tiny dots. Tattoo artists that specialize in this style are extremely patient and talented. It takes time and skill to know where to place the dots to get the correct shape and image....
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There’s a huge debate between which is better, black and gray tattoos or colored ones. Before you sit down to get inked, it’s best to know which one will suit you better.  There are a number of factors that go into it and you should talk to your tattoo artist before you get to it....
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Getting a tattoo is a big deal-it’s a permanent way to mark or remembering something. For some people, a tattoo is fun and lighthearted, for other’s they save getting them to mark something special. And what’s more special than showing off your national pride? Canadian celebrities, from our own PM Justin Trudeau to Drake have...
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coolest tattoos for winter
There’s a huge debate on the best time of year to get a new tattoo. In the summer, sweating, sun, and swimming all pose risks for your new ink. With winter comes a whole other set of problems. Here are some tattoo care tips if you decide to get inked this winter. Cool Air With...
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