A Guide to Downsizing Piercing Jewelry- The Village Ink Tattoo Shop
  A lot of people that get new piercings don’t realize that it’s not always a one and done deal. Certain piercings swell more than others, meaning your professional piercer has to initially use a larger piece of jewelry. Once the piercing heals and the swelling goes down though, you may find that the jewelry...
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Here’s How Long You Should Wait Before Changing Your Piercing- The Village Ink
  Even before we’re finished with a piercing, clients almost always ask us, “So when can I change out the piercing?” It’s a simple question, but it doesn’t have a simple answer. Healing times vary a lot depending on what type of piercing it is, where it’s located on the body, and how quickly an...
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Dermal vs. Surface Piercings: Understanding All The Differences- The Village Ink
  As piercings become more popular, more misinformation about them gets spread. There are tons of different piercings out there, and all of that information can become overwhelming. Piercings can differ based on jewelry type, location, and how the piercing is inserted into the body.   When we talk about the different types of piercings,...
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Q&A: Why Is There A Bump On My Piercing- Toronto Tattoo and Piercing
  Almost everyone knows someone who has had a mysterious bump form on their cartilage piercing. Naturally, people have a lot of questions about them. These cartilage-piercing bumps are more common than people realize. In fact, we’d almost go as far to say that’s a risk you’re taking when getting your cartilage pierced. Here’s what...
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