Nipple piercings the village ink

Everything You’ve Been Too Scared To Ask About Nipple Piercings

  The world of tattoos and piercings has been drastically less taboo than it used to be. From tatted up celebrities to soccer moms having nose piercings, the whole industry has become mainstream and socially acceptable. But while some piercings are firmly established as “acceptable” others are still lingering closer to the old taboo label....
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Q&A: Should You Find Your Tattoo Design Online?

The short answer to this question is, yes and no. Confusing and not quite the simple answer you were probably looking for but let us elaborate. You should absolutely look for design inspiration online. We always recommend new clients to look on Pinterest, Instagram, or artist portfolios for design ideas. However, you should not completely...
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Prism Light Tattoos

Tattoo Trends: Rainbow Light Tattoos

  Rainbow light tattoos, also known as “prism reflection” tattoos, are the latest in tattoo trends. And may we say they are brilliant (pun intended). These tattoos look exactly how they sound. Ever had light from glass or mirrors reflect that stunning soft rainbow light on you? Imagine that inked on your skin. Here is...
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Johnny Depp tattoo removal

Celebrities That Regretted Their Couple Tattoos

  Ask any of the celebrities below and they’ll tell you not to get a tattoo honoring a living significant other. From wedding dates, initials, full names, and jersey number, these celebs have gone through the painful process of erasing their couple tattoos. After a relationship ends there’s nothing worse than having a permanent reminder...
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Armpit Tattoos

Tattoo Trends: Armpit Tattoos

  There are some tattoo trends that are understandable. Then there are some that make you sit there and go “huh?” Armpit Tattoos are the later. This trend has recently started taking off- but it’s not for the faint of heart. The armpit, as most people could probably guess, is one of the most painful...
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Lettering Tattoos

Understanding Styles: Lettering Tattoos

Everything You Need to Know About Lettering Tattoos Lettering tattoos are some of the most classic. They can range from bold to delicate. And whether it’s a single letter, a solitary word, or a phrase, this style of tattoos are gorgeous. There’s a reason they’re some of the most popular. Unfortunately, they’re also the style...
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