Things To Avoid After New Tattoo- Toronto Tattoo Shop

7 Things To Absolutely Avoid Doing After Getting A New Tattoo

  Any Toronto tattoo shop will tell you, there is nothing worse than a client not listening to the clear aftercare instructions you provide them. It’s even worse when they blame you for their mistakes. Look, we don’t write up, explain, and give you aftercare instructions just for the fun of it. Tattoo artists know...
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Keep Distracted During Tattoo Session - Toronto Tattoo Shop- The Village Ink

Best Ways To Kill Time During A Tattoo Session

  When going in for a tattoo appointment, clients should be ready not just for some pain, but also for some boredom. While smaller tattoos can take half an hour or less, most require you to sit there for a few hours. Keeping yourself entertained is one of the best ways to have the session...
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Justin Trudeau Tattoo- Toronto Tattoo Shop

Here’s What PM Justin Trudeau’s Tattoo Means

  Everyone in Canada knows who Justin Trudeau is, we hope so at least considering he’s our Prime Minister. Regardless of how you feel about him politically, thanks to him we win as the country with the most attractive leader. Besides the perfectly coiffed hair and beaming smile, our PM also boasts a massive upper...
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Craziest Tattoo Laws Around Globe

Craziest Tattoo Laws From Around The Globe

  Most countries have rules and regulations around tattooing. That’s how they protect both tattoo artists and clients. But in some countries, the rules are downright crazy. From total tattoo bans to tattooing minors, here are the most out there tattoo laws from around the world!   Denmark Denmark is a beautiful country with great...
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Signs of Infected Piercings- Toronto Tattoo Shop

Here’s How To Tell If A Piercing Is Infected

  Getting a new piercing can be exciting, but we often see the client return in a few days panicked that their piercing is infected. Figuring out if a new piercing is infected or not can be tricky. The symptoms of infection and the natural healing process appear very similar. Redness, irritation, and swelling are...
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Tipping Tattoo Artists Toronto Tattoo Shop

Q&A: How Do I Go About Tipping My Tattoo Artist?

  Let’s start by saying that tipping is expected when it comes to tattoos. There isn’t a question about whether or not you should because the answer is always yes. But tipping can be tricky. How much should you tip? What if you have multiple sessions? Do you tip in only cash? Tipping tattoo artists...
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